Referendum Questions

Fall Reading Week

The Concordia Student Union (CSU) and the University are looking into the options of implementing a Fall Reading Week. To ensure the same number of class hours, the University is exploring two options: changing the Fall semester from thirteen weeks to twelve weeks or beginning the term in August (no earlier than August 28). The CSU is seeking a mandate from its members to seek the implementation of a Fall Reading Week.

Do you agree with the Concordia Student Union endorsing a Fall Reading Week proposal and pursuing its implementation at Concordia University?

Food Waste Reduction Program

The Concordia Student Union (CSU) and Concordia faculty are exploring options for implementing a new program by which all left over food from University events shall be donated either to the student body or to charitable organizations e.g. homeless shelters. Organizers of University events will be mandated to participate in the program.

Do you agree with the Concordia Student Union endorsing a university-wide food waste reduction proposal and pursuing its implementation at Concordia University?

Online Opt-out

You, as a student, pay into fee levy organizations every semester. A fee levy organization is a student-led organization or initiative at Concordia University. They receive all or part of their operating budgets from your student fees. Students have a right to opt out in-person to get their money back. Other Universities allow you to do this online. The new system would allow you to opt out of each organization individually. Before opting out, students will be informed about what the organization does. The system will be created in consultation with all fee-levy organizations.

Do you support Concordia University bringing the opt out
process online for student fee levy organizations?

Recreation and Athletics Fee

With health and wellness as a priority for Concordia University students, the recreation and athletics department would like to increase its activity offerings while making them more accessible and diverse. The department will offer the following through an increased fee-levy: a 50% decrease in Le Gym and PERFORM Centre membership fees for Concordia students in the fall and winter semesters, free Le Gym student memberships in the summer, free access for Concordia students to all Stingers home games and much more.
Do you agree to recommend to the Concordia Council on Student life (CCSL) to increase the Concordia Recreation & Athletics Department’s fee-levy to $5.00 per credit (an increase of $2.08 per credit from $2.92 per credit) annually adjusted to the Consumer Price Index of Canada to be implemented with registration for the September 2020 (2020/2) term, in accordance with the University’s tuition, refund and withdrawal policy? Agreeing to this question means you consent to increasing a mandatory institutional fee beyond the normally allowed rate as set out in the Règles Budgétaires of the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Sports Shooting Club

The Sports Shooting Association has requested to become a CSU club. Do you approve of the club being officially recognized as a CSU club

Council Change

The Student Council is elected annually by the students to supervise the operations of the CSU. The Council has many responsibilities, including the distribution of funding to all student clubs and associations.

The Student Council has an unequal number of seats for each FACULTY as the seats are proportional to the number of students in each faculty. The following was the Council of 2018-2019

We are proposing that each FACULTY get an equal number of seats (3) on the Student Council. Arts and Science will be considered as two separate faculties.

Do you support giving all faculties equal representation on the Council of Representatives by changing the structure to three Arts seats, three Science seats, three Gina Cody seats, three JMSB seats, three Fine Arts seats, and one Independent Student seat?