Councilor Candidates

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Arts & Science


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Danielle V. Beaudin

My name is Danielle V.B. Through my experience on CSU Council, I have seen inadequate business practices. This has led to the CSU underrepresenting Concordia students. My plan is to Cut the Politics out of the CSU and turn it into a more efficient non-profit by having: – Clear governance structure – Equal funding opportunities for every faculty – Student focused mission statement Once we do this, CSU can then start fighting for you.


Howard IssleY

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SamuEl Century

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Alice iv.

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Jeremya  Deneault

Hey, I am Jeremya Deneault and I am a third semester JMSB student concentrating in Management. As for my policies, I would like to prioritize implementing an easy online option of opting out of Fee Levy Groups, faculty equity in the CSU, introducing a Fall Reading Week, having the restrooms tended to more often, making tampons in the ladies’ room free of charge, and revamping the current election process. I would also support elevator accessibility to the second floor for all students, sleeping pods all across the campus, an improvement on school-related apps, and the introduction of competitive volleyball. I am here to prioritize the needs and wants of the ones who matter the most– you, the students!


Mathew Levitsky-Kaminski

My name is Mathew Kaminski and I am a third year Accounting student in JMSB. Throughout my involvement in municipal, provincial and federal politics, I have exemplified transparency, integrity and accountability. Students wonder why reckless spending, poor sanitary conditions and lack of student trust in CSU haven’t improved and I plan on using my work ethic, political passion and leadership experience to empower Concordia students. A vote for me is a vote for change.


Lauren P.

Tired of having No voice and no representation? I’m Lauren Perozek a second year marketing Co-op student. I know the frustrations of academic advising and bad teachers. My goal is to advocate for hiring more academic advisors to devote more personalized attention to you. You should have a say in the people that will be teaching you. Since it’s illegal to fire bad teachers, I want to collaborate with Concordia during the hiring process of future teachers. End student frustration today!


Mitchell S.

My name is Mitchell and I’m a 3rd year accounting student. As a council member, I want an equal representation of all faculties. I will bring back a mentality of fiscal responsibility. I will push for the creation of a costless system for student associations to book events. I will also listen to the students of JMSB in bringing their ideas to the council. It’s time to have the CSU actually work for the students!



Gina Cody


Selena Mezher

Hey, I’m Selena Mezher. I’m a second-year civil engineering student. In my opinion, the biggest issue in the Gina Cody Faculty of Engineering is the lack of prioritization for engineers especially in these two areas: funding for projects, and space for these projects. How will I get this money? Well it’s already there. I’m about to find out where the 15 million dollars from Gina Cody went, and use it to help bring out this potential that all engineers at Concordia have.


Tzvi Hersh Filler

As a mechanical Engineering student with a minor in CompSi, I would like to be a CSU representative for the faculty of engineering. As GCS representative, I will be a voice for our engineering clubs, and for making the CSU a more inclusive organization. I would like to pressure the administration to restructure some of the labs/lab reports, however, I have some doubt as to how successful that will be.


Sean Howard

Hey, I’m Sean Howard, a 4th year software eng student doing capstone and I want to represent you. Having done 3 years of mechanical eng before switching, I’ve seen lots of ups and downs, but above all else I will fight for funding for engineering societies and for a student union that is accepting of students from all programs and backgrounds. I’m if you ever want to talk.

Fine ARts


Peter Zhuang

Peter Zhuang is a fourth year undergraduate student in the music program and is minoring in Electroacoustic program. He has been on the council for the past two years and he is rerunning for this year. For Peter, rerunning for council representative would benefit the school because he has experience dealing with issues. He comes from a different cultural, being Chinese Culture. This makes him believe that all nations should come together as a whole.


Independent Student


Hershey blackman 

Hi, my name is Hershey Blackman and I want to Make the CSU Serve Independent Students! I experienced the challenges and uncertainties we are all familiar with. We are almost never represented at the CSU. However, in this election, we have a chance to enact dramatic change.

My plan for independent students

  • access to more courses
  • an independent student bursary
  • OPUS card discounts for ALL

Vote Hershey Blackman to Make the CSU Serve Independent Students!


Menachem Israily

Hi! My name is Menachem, a second year student at Concordia. As Independent students, we often struggle maintaining a work school balance. As representative, I stand for keeping tuition as low as possible & better access to education for independent students!


Rawan Abbas

Hello, I am currently a second-year independent student at Concordia University. So far, we, independent students, often do not feel that we are a part of the university because it does not accord us any importance, although we pay our tuition fees much the same as students from other faculties. My objectives are to make independent students well involved as well as better represented by the university. I also want to make sure that Concordia gives us the resources so we can have more guidance related to our academic future.