Shlomo Tanny

University doesn’t have to be easy, but it shouldn’t be impossible. The CSU has tools that can help students succeed that aren’t being utilized properly. Voting for me would enable use of these tools, including initiatives to create:

  • Cross section lectures for every class.
  • Free or very low cost Peer to Peer tutoring for more classes.
  • Free tutorials for more classes.
  • Unlimited Zoom session time for students.
  • A reduction in fees paid for unnecessary expenses.

Matthew Basmadjian

 Hi there! My name is Matthew Basmadjian, and I am thrilled to be running for the JMSB seat in CSU council. I am running to advocate on behalf of the student body, and raise the issues faced these past COVID semesters. Between insane workloads, soul-sucking online classes and Orwellian Proctorio, I am ready to fight to the bitter end to get these issues solved.

Debra Irabor

I’m Debra Irabor. My major is Political Science with a Minor in Law and Society

My goal is for CSU to be more representative and more in tune with racial issues.

As a part of the Student Council, my focus is to make sure that all students’ voices are being heard when making decisions despite their background. I want to not only address issues in Concordia but also implement new ways to tackle them

Phineas Ambrose Savchenko

My name is Phineas Ambrose Savchenko and I hope you’ll vote for me as your Fine Arts Councillor! In my two years at Concordia, I’ve been working in positions like being the Chairperson for the Fine Art Student Alliances’ board, and the General Coordinator of Animate

Concordia, Concordia’s association for Animation students to make sure that every student in Fine Arts can be heard. Continuing this at the CSU begins with your vote. Thank you! Best, Phineas Ambrose Savchenko

Wyatt Niblett-Wilson

My name is Wyatt Niblett-Wilson, there is perhaps no time more important than right now to ensure that the wellbeing and interests of students are being properly represented by student council. My platform includes supporting student projects, continuing an adapted pass/fail grading option to accommodate students, fostering better transparency and communication between professors and student’s digital curriculum expectations, representing all students’ interests must align with an anti-racism strategy that is inclusive, transparent, dynamic and sustainable.

Alex Stojda

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, I have lived in Montreal for the past 20+ years. I attended CEGEP at Vanier College, studying under the 3-year Computer Science Technology program, before deciding to apply to Concordia in Software Engineering.

Now completing my 5th year of Engineering, I strive to be actively involved in student life both within the Gina Cody School as well as within the school as a whole. I previously was an executive & president with the Engineering & Computer Science Association 3 years, as well as a member of Senate, where I am currently serving my second term

Gurjot Gil

My name is Gurjot Gill and I am running to represent JMSB on the CSU board of directors. I want to represent JMSB students to ensure the right work is done to help students during these difficult times we are living in. We need change and we need it now.

Nicole Nashen

Hi! I’m Nicole Nashen, but you can call me Nikki. I’m running to represent you, arts and science students, on the Concordia Student Union Council. Like many students, I want to make our school more environmentally sustainable, increase mental health services and fight for a more inclusive Concordia. Most importantly, I want to make sure that you have a voice on council!

Sean Howard

Hi, I’m Sean. Some of you know me from the ENCS Discord server, others from classes, and some from my having been in Council during Winter 2021. I’m running primarily after learning details of how the current CSU admin has been handling online opt-out, which has upset many students including myself. I’ll do whatever I can, as much or little it is, to get it back on track

Brandon Grimaldi

Hi! I’m Brandon Grimaldi and I’m running to represent you, me and the Arts & Science faculty on the CSU Council. I want student life to be the best possible experience, right now at home, and when we all return to campus. By working together, we can make sure Concordia grows sustainably and that we can all thrive with a better school with better support and a better focus on all of us!