Senate Candidate

Ahmadou Sakho
Arts & Science

Hello everybody, my name is Ahmadou Sakho. I am a Political Science student from Senegal, West Africa. Formerly, I was involved as a CSU councilor and was notably active with the Clubs and Spaces Committee. During my mandate I realized each of the points that were presented in my platform. I am currently involved with several student associations on campus. This year, I am running for Senate as since the beginning of the pandemic, the voices of international students have been either minimized, ignored or positively inconsequential at the negotiating table. As a representative for all students, I would like to assist in re-enlivening university life, fostering a healthier academic environment and improving student advocacy at the university level. I am looking forward to hearing from all of you soon.

Executive Candidates

Elijah Olise
General Coordinator

My name is Elijah Olise,  and I’m running for the General Coordinator position, and before I 

was a Concordia student looking to study Urban Studies, I became a community organizer.

I currently work with marginalized groups of youth and young adults, who’ve transitioned out of care and into independent living. The main focus of my work is to develop housing security, food security and community connection through skill development with the youth.

Asli Isaaq
Academic & Advocacy Coordinator

Hi! My name is Asli (Uh-Sli), and I’m a second-year sociology major here at Concordia! Since starting my studies at Concordia, I have been involved in ASFA student life, particularly in the Anti-Racism and Anti-Sexual Violence Taskforce; and I’ve got the chant to work with the Black Student Union. I’m running to be your next academic and advocacy coordinator. My goal is to serve the needs of all undergraduate students. You deserve a university that listens to your concerns and acts on them immediately, and I want to make that happen for you all. Through the constant work within the Advocacy centre and working with Concordia itself, I intend to make effective advocacy for all Concordia students a priority.

Meryem Benallal
Finance Coordinator

I am running to be your finance coordinator for the upcoming year. I will ensure that all students’ needs are heard. I will make sure everyone’s interests are considered when deciding what and how much to allocate to funding. My experience in business management will help me spend our budget wisely and effectively. I value students’ mental health and I want to make our campus a convenient, comfortable, and safe space for everyone. I am a dedicated student and strong mom who aspires to pursue law studies. I am very excited to represent and serve the CSU student community. I have always desired to help students achieve their highest academic potential and I will ensure that our budget is spent to improve our campus, union, and student experience!

Harley Martin
Student life Coordinator

My name is Harley Martin, and I am a third year history and political science student running for the CSU position of Student Life Coordinator. I am running for the position with the goal of increasing student participation in Concordia student life as we transition back to in-person classes. In addition, I also wish to increase the resources available to students to help those who are struggling with returning to in-person learning, both for health and social reasons. Lastly, I hope to work to reduce student housing and food insecurity by expanding pre-existing CSU programs. Thanks for reading!

Fawaz Halloum
Internal Affairs Coordinator

In my last year on Concordia’s campus as an undergraduate student, I am running for Internal Affairs Coordinator to give back to the Concordia Student Union, an organization that came to my aid in different times and by different means. My experiences with the CSU Clubs shaped a large part of my undergraduate career. From the Moot Law Society organizing inter-provincial competitions to the Concordia Mycological Society, a club I am proud to be one of its founders, which organized many memorable excursions to the outdoors. During my mandate, I plan on bringing back CSU clubs to the center of your student experience.

Nathaniel Ouazana
Student life Coordinator

Hey! My name is Nathaniel Ouazana and I am running for the Student Life Coordinator Position independently. I’m a third-year student in Kinesiology and currently sit on the CSU council. As a councilor, my goal was to make your voices heard. I am running because I want to make sure that students have an amazing year. We lost 2 years of our life to the pandemic, so let’s make this year, one to remember.

Sean Levis
Sustainability Coordinator

I am seeking election in the role of Sustainability Coordinator for the CSU because I want to carry out two core projects to support the welfare of the student body:1.Institutional Sustainability: I want to create a democratic link between Faculty Associations and the CSU, in order to ensure that CSU Councillors provide updates, and are accountable to the faculties they represent. 2.Housing Sustainability: I want to mitigate the impacts associated with the rising cost of living in Montreal on Concordia students by ensuring the continuity of the Woodnote and supporting new subsidized housing initiatives.

Sabrina Morena
Loyola Coordinator

My name is Sabrina Morena, I’m a third-year Human Relations student passionate about community building and organizing. Projects related to food options, services, and student life are crucial to creating a thriving campus. As the next Loyola Coordinator, I seek to put students’ voices at the center of my work. Without students’ opinions and involvement, we cannot create an empowered campus. I seek to ensure my projects will be sustainable, which can continue once my mandate is done.

Arts & Science Council Candidates

Amina Vance
Arts & Science

I believe the university environment is an important ground for social change. In Ontario, I advocated for better consent education and will continue working to improve the response and prevention of sexual violence at Concordia.  

Both as a counsellor and as an organizer I will fight for a greater commitment to indigenous sovereignty and anti-racism, as well as for climate justice, policies promoting harm-reduction and safer drug use, and for alternative solutions to policing.

Diane Makho
Arts & Science

Hi! I’m Diane Mahko, a Political Science student at Concordia University who is running for the CSU council. As a Syrian refuge who understands the deep effects of injustice and oppression, I am nothing but dedicated to fight for a safer and more just environment for Concordia students. I aim to represent the voices who believe in improving the prevention and response to sexual violence on campus, who advocate for protecting the mental health of students, and who fight for the safety and accessibility of Covid protective measures. I am committed to defend the marginalized groups in our society and to support Indigenous sovereignty. I hope to continue the work of the CSU in regard to social justice and to be able to represent those who need their needs to be heard.

Haya Bitar
Arts & Science

Hi-a! I’m Haya Bitar, my pronouns are she/her/hers and I am running to represent you as aCouncillor in our Concordia Student Union. I’m a third-year Political Science major pursuing aminor in Law & Society and I want your vote. Are you frustrated? Tired? But impassioned aboutseeing some real change around here? I will represent you. If you’re looking for a progressivego-getter who doesn’t tolerate malarkey, then vote for me!

Naomi Spiegelman
Arts & Science

Hi everyone, I’m Naomi! I’m running as councillor for the 2022-2023 academic year. I’m running to represent you, the students of Arts and Science, on the Concordia Students Union council. As a student doing a joint specialization in anthropology and sociology, I’m a big advocate for having YOUR voices heard on council. If elected, my goal is to promote inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability on campus. By voting for me, I’ll make sure to create a more cooperative and collaborative community.

Lacey Boudreau
Arts & Science

I am running to be your CSU councillor to advocate for student voices, and spark conversations about intersectional social justice issues and regenerative solutions. As a board member of Sustainable Concordia and the Concordia Food Coalition, I have gained experience that will make me an honest and dedicated councillor. I will work towards a regenerative Concordia community by supporting the social economy incubator, and emphasizing the importance of systemic changes and bottom-up solutions. Thank you!

Sarah Alkhadi
Arts & Science

I am Sarah, a second year cell and molecular biology student. I believe that all students have their own stories that are being written with their dreams, efforts, achievements and even failures. And my aim is to make those stories full of happy memories and to make the university a place where students can grow their skills and open their mind to be fully aware of the world around them.

I grew up in four different countries and went through many experiences which taught me to stand for my right to learn and have dreams but most importantly to be able to follow those dreams. Students deserve to have the opportunities that serve their aims in broadening their horizon because quality education does not only mean the ability to read hundreds of chapters and scientific papers to have the degree, put it is the ability to use this degree to build more just, peaceful and tolerant societies.

I hope that the end of my science bachelor’s degree story will be the beginning of a career in the medical field where I can help people. But for our present time, I will help students to overcome the obstacles together and reach our goals.

Caleb Woolcott
Arts & Science

I’m running for re-election because I want to continue ensuring that the CSU is a positive forcefor climate, social, and economic justice. My experience and strong track record as both a CSUand ASFA Councilor demonstrate my effectiveness. I commit to growing the solidarity economyat Concordia by continuing the work to replace unsustainable multinational food serviceproviders on campus, build another Woodnote, and develop a CSU foundation to fundstudent-run cooperatives and nonprofits.

Paula Colmenares
Arts & Science

My name is Paula Colmenares, and I am a sociology student. I was born in Venezuela and had the fortune to move to Canada when I was nine years old. I am a big believer in daily meditation and the importance of pilates and yoga in one’s life. I am also a philosophy enthusiast, so much so that it shall become another major in the near future. Since the start of my academic parkour, I have been part of the CSU, so it would be a great honor to continue to be part of it for as long as my admittedly long studies will take me. I aim to share my love for health and wellness in all its facets with my beloved university. Cheers! 

Fine Arts Council Candidates

Hannah Jackson
Fine Arts

As a student in the fine arts department, I believe that my fellow arts students have a keen sense of justice and social advocacy. As a councillor, I hope to continue the CSU’s ongoing work reckoning with the impacts of racism, anti-blackness and colonialism. As COVID continues to threaten disabled and immunocompromised students’ wellbeing at school, I will fight for expanded accessibility accommodations and to protect our access to student health insurance.

Fraser Place
Fine Arts

My name is Fraser and I’m a fourth year intermedia cyberarts student! As a trans person with a disability, I know first-hand the difficulties that many of faced in the last few years. I’m passionate about advocating for the rights of neurodivergent students, working class students, racialized students and everyone else who has felt left behind in Concordia’s post-pandemic planning.

GCSE Council Candidates

Kazi Sahul

Hello! My name is Kazi Shahul Hossain. I am a 3rd-year mechanical engineering student at Concordia University. I am excited to be running for the CSU council. I am an ambitious and dedicated student who will work hard to represent the students of Concordia. I am passionate about learning and helping people reach their educational goals. I love to make friends and strike up conversations with everyone. You can find me in one of the 9th floor Hall Building labs 😁  I am looking forward to getting involved and improving our campus experience for every student.

Hassan Nabeel

I’m a 2nd year engineering student looking to get involved in making life better for my fellow students at Concordia. I’m super great at hearing people out and would want to do nothing more than work with the CSU to make a positive impact for students on and off campus

Emilie Rosenthal-Bustamante

My name is Emilie Rosenthal-Bustamante, and I am a Software Engineering student. I’m running to represent all Gina Cody School Engineering & Computer Science students on the Concordia Student Union Council. I’m committed to ensuring that opportunities for all of students on campus are given as equally as possible. If elected, I will vote against raising tuition and fight to increase mental health services at Concordia. Your interests and concerns are important to me.

Hajra Bajwa

Hello, everyone! I’m a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering Student and I want to help my fellow students so their voices gets heard. I am a very optimistic person and tries to bring out the best by paying attention to details. 

Emil Hersson-Edery

Hey everyone, I’m Emil! I’m an Aerospace Engineering Student running to represent all the amazing Gina Cody students on the Concordia Student Union. I want this school to be as inclusive as possible. I want to make people feel more connected to the school, their representatives, and to the student community by advocating for collaboration and having everyone’s voice be heard at the table. Let’s give each of us the school we know we deserve.

Irfan Nafiun

My name is Irfan Nafiun Islam.I am a first year undergraduate student at Concordia,studying Electrical engineering.I am thrilled to be running for the CSU council.I aspire to recognise the challenges students face when starting their higher education,I am driven toward my goal to work hard to provide a valuable voice for the students of Concordia.

JMSB Council Candidates

Jeremya Deneault

Hey, I am Jeremya Deneault and I am a ninth semester JMSB student with nearly two and a half years of experience on the CSU. As a CSU Councillor and fellow student, I understand how important it is for student lives to be ameliorated as much as possible, especially factoring in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I am here to prioritize the needs and wants of the ones who matter the most– you, the students!

Muhammad Hussain

I’m Muhammad! An international student. I came to Canada 2 years ago from Dubai, where I was born and raised. But I am Pakistani as my parents are from Karachi, Pakistan. I studied physics at Concordia at first, but found a passion for marketing, and I’ve switched to JMSB! I speak 4 languages and love to have a chat in any of them. Say Hi if you see me!

Nassim Boutalbi

Hello everyone. My name is Nassim Boutalbi and I am running for the councilor position at the Concordia Student Union. I am a 2nd year Business technology management major and a minor in data intelligence, and I have been actively involved at clubs in Concordia such as the MSA Concordia and Concordia Model United Nations in addition to being involved in a variety of charities outside Concordia. I plan to use my experiences to help create a more accessible, inclusive, and engaging CSU for the future. some areas I would address are increasing student engagement with the CSU, greater collaboration between the CSU and student clubs, and CSU accountability. 

Independent Council Candidates

Nour Shbib

My name is Noor Shbib, I am running as an independent student councillor to help better student life on campus post COVID-19 and to enchance the student experience for Independent students. I hope to be able to represent independent students concerns through the next academic year in the CSU council, and would love the opportunity to hear and voice issues brought to me by independent students.

Michael Lecchino

Hi there! My name is Michael Lecchino, and I would like to represent you on the student council. My mission is simple: push for a Concordia cafeteria and a hybrid delivery of lectures. I want students to have an on-campus solution to receive quick healthy meals at an affordable price. By having in-person classes recorded, students can re-watch lectures or catch up on the ones they were unable to attend.

Tzvi Filler

Hi, I spent this past year on the CSU council trying to stop the CSU from raising your tuition fees. I spoke against and was one of those to vote down calling a referendum to raise the mandatory athletics fee, and was the only one to vote against raising the mandatory CSU Operating fee (which will be going to referendum in the general election, hopefully it will be defeated). I’d like to continue opposing tuition fee hikes on the CSU council.