Senate Candidate

Mahshid Rahbari
Arts and Science
Dany Ariel Ishimwe
 Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science

Executive Candidates

Adam bouguila
Finance coordinator

As an aspiring financial executive, I am committed to using my skills and experience to promote Concordia Student Union’s growth and success. With a solid background in financial analysis and planning, I am confident in engaging in the careful and thoughtful management of the union’s finances.
During my career, I have always been committed to leadership and academic excellence. In addition, I have been actively involved in a range of extracurricular activities throughout my high school years, such as finance clubs, volunteer organizations, and leadership roles in the CSU council and Concordia Senate.
Participating in these events has helped me develop strong interpersonal and communication skills, which are essential in this leadership role. Moreover, I am committed to ensuring that student funds are spent responsibly. I will do all in my power to spend the union’s funds as effectively and efficiently as possible as I understand the importance of financial responsibility and accountability. I will ensure that every financial decision is thoroughly considered and that your money, the students’ money, is spent as optimally as possible for your advantage.

Maria Chitoroaga
Sustainability Coordinator

Hi! I’m Maria. I have been an English Literature student at Concordia since September 2020. I am currently working as a receptionist at the CSU office. I am incredibly excited at the prospect of becoming the Sustainability Coordinator for the upcoming academic year. It was while working at the very heart of the CSU that I’ve realized how much I would love to represent fellow students. As a receptionist, I got to help students with their various struggles and turmoils, and I’ve realized that I would like to act toward bettering the student experience for everyone. As a Sustainability Coordinator my role would be to continue to build a community that is environmentally, socially, politically, and financially sustainable. I would like to continue to work on some projects that are already in the works, such as building resources to help students fight against houselessness and make food on campus readily available and affordable to all. I would also like to work on some projects of my own which include, organizing more events and workshops regarding sustainability for students, and rendering the CSU services more personal and effective. Ultimately, our role as CSU coordinators is to make sure that students are represented and included in all discourses regarding university life. My hopes are that my previous experience with students will guide me towards making the university a safe, inclusive, and green space for all. Let’s build momentum together!

Abdul Kareem Rahaman
Finance Coordinator

Hey! My name is Kareem. I’ve held executive positions at various non-profits throughout my career, grown startups from pre-seed to profitability, and consulted for some of the largest distributors in the Caribbean.

As an international student, I’m all-too-familiar with the challenges associated with navigating unfamiliar territory alone. Thus, I’m eager to utilize my data-driven and detail-oriented skill set in making sure that all students, clubs and employees feel adequately supported. My objective as Finance Coordinator would be to establish more-sustainable revenue streams within the CSU, alongside careful and efficient management of the budget, in order to provide more opportunities for international students and likewise improve the experience of all Concordians. Throughout my career, I’ve learned from mentors, industry leaders, and professional wins and errors alike. I’ve managed employees and contractors from all sorts of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. I understand that the experiences of individual students ultimately form the Concordia Experience as a whole, which is enabled in part by a reliable financial foundation. I’m ready to do my part in maintaining and innovating in Concordia’s financial sphere. Together, let’s continue building momentum within the CSU!

Hannah Jackson
External Affairs and Mobilization Coordinator

My name is Hannah, and I am a third year Art Education student in the Teaching Specialization. Having been involved with the CSU for the last two years and having served as a councillor for this current year, my work on the External Committee has really inspired me to get further involved in the work that the CSU does in mobilising its campaigns and connecting with other universities and organisations.

As External Coordinator, I hope to utilise my years of experience as an organiser and educator to promote robust, inclusive, and student-centred campaigns that represent the full diversity of the Concordia student body. This role will allow me to use skills developed in past positions such as the coordinator of Rad Frosh, QPIRG McGill’s alternative orientation connecting students to campus organizations and grassroots community groups across the city, as well as the three years I worked as a Training Coordinator and Political Educator for the Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students Society. I have also collaborated with and developed workshops on harm-reduction and supporting marginalized survivors of sexual violence for the Centre for Gender Advocacy, the Eating Disorder Centre, and the youth support organization Head & Hands. I am excited for the opportunity this role will provide me to learn, grow, and expand my capacity as a campaigns organiser, working to help build community on Concordia campus in our post-lockdown context.

Talya Diner
Loyola Coordinator

Hi, I am Talya, and I am currently in my fifth year of undergraduate studies pursuing a double major in Anthropology and Human Environment. As a candidate for the position of Loyola Coordinator, I am passionate about advocating for students’ needs and interests, with a particular focus on improving food security and connectivity on campus.

Throughout my years at Concordia, I have been actively involved as a board member of both the Concordia Food Coalition and Reggie’s cooperative, as well as serving as the VP of communications for GUSS (Geography Undergraduate Student Association). In addition to my involvement on campus, I have been working as an urban agriculture coordinator at a non-profit grassroots organization for the past two years. I am also dedicated to activism, including efforts to combat homelessness and the founding of a cooperative bar and cafe in the Milton Parc neighbourhood.

My guiding values are community, sustainability and anti-hierarchy, which I believe will serve me well as an advocate for students’ interests and needs on campus. It is essential to me to maintain the integrity of my representation and ensure that the voices of students are heard and represented effectively.


Harley Martin
General Coordinator

My name is Harley Martin, and I am a 3rd year student in the history program. I am currently the student life coordinator at the CSU, and am running for the position of general coordinator. I have decided to run as I believe the CSU does a great deal of exciting and important work and I have enjoyed being a part of this work over the last number of months. Additionally, I believe I can bring a degree of continuity to the transition from this year’s team to next. When I am not working at the CSU or on my schoolwork I love to read, play hockey, and see friends!


Tanou Bah
Student Life Coordinator

My name is Tanou. I am an International student from The Gambia and a third-year student in Sociology. I am currently the Social Media Director of the Concordia Student Union and an ambassador at the Black Perspectives Office. I am super excited to run as Student Life Coordinator to have more inclusive events/workshops that help build a sense of community. Having had experience being the VP of the Black Student Union, in which I planned events and collaborated with other BIPOC clubs on campus, I plan to utilize my connections to improve student life so that it’s more representative of the entire student body. Additionally, having been at the union for the past two years as an employee, the knowledge I have attained helps maintain continuity during the turnover. Overall I hope this new year will be fun and we can build momentum together!

Kareem Rahaman
General Coordinator
Alexandrah Cardona
Academic & Advocacy Coordinator

Hi! My name is Alexandrah. I’m running for Academic and Advocacy Coordinator for 2023-2024 because I want to strengthen our union’s services and ensure they are accessible to benefit the undergraduate student body. In addition, I think it’s crucial that students are broadly represented across various academic bodies at Concordia, given that students have entrusted the institution with their education and the tuition fees paid towards their academics. It is important that students are consulted regarding their academic programs and provided with adequate resources to navigate university life. For all these reasons and more, I look forward to building momentum with my team and leveraging our vast experience to create a stronger union for you in the upcoming year!

Christian Taboada
Internal Affairs Coordinator

My name is Christian and I am finishing my second year in Political Science. I am currently the Vice-President of External Affairs for the Political Science Student Association, and I have held the position of Vice-President of Clubs and Societies prior during my time at CEGEP. I am looking forward to running for Internal Affairs Coordinator to provide a more inclusive, accessible, and elevated experience for all Concordia students! My previous experiences have allowed me to work with 20+ clubs, in person and online during COVID, as their main liaison and representative with the Dean and the Student Association, and I am looking forward to implement my prior knowledge to better the journey for all undergraduate students in and outside of the clubs. I believe the clubs are the backbone of the student experience, and the CSU should work as a facilitator in that experience through: easing the reimbursement system, making the Internal Coordinator accessible, and transmitting institutional structure to all groups. I am a firm believer that it is high time for undergraduate students to claim back lost time and set up platform to keep building momentum within the CSU!

Arts & Science Council Candidates

Adam Mills
Salma Bannani Khir
Jordan L Jerome Pitre
Yanira Margarita Coulson
Moad Alhjooj
Riley Cooke
Sona T Sadio

Fine Arts Council Candidates

GCSE Council Candidates

Mohamad Abdallah

JMSB Council Candidates

Michael Lecchino

Hi there! My name is Michael Lecchino, and I would like to represent you on the student council. My mission is simple: push for a Concordia cafeteria and a hybrid delivery of lectures. I want students to have an on-campus solution to receive quick healthy meals at an affordable price. By recording in-person classes, students can re-watch lectures or catch up on the ones they were unable to attend. My leadership and youth engagement experience consists of being class president for five consecutive years, student body president for one year, and the current president of my borough’s youth council. Throughout all three positions, I did my best to represent the voices of students and young citizens. I often held meetings with coordinators, directors, and elected officials to address pressing issues and strategize solutions. Together, let’s improve Concordia!

Nassim Boutalbi


Haru Noda


Independent Council Candidates

Kareem Abdeen