Alina Murad

My name is Alina Murad, I’m in my fourth year studying Political Science and Immigration Studies, and I am running for council! In the last few years, I became involved with WUSC Concordia, a refugee sponsorship campus group. Among many other things, working with WUSC has shed new light on different aspects of student concerns that are not necessarily being heard, and open my eyes to new conversations that need to be had. I believe this unique background will really benefit the student body. Aside from this I have a passion for social justice and am confident in my ability to raise concerns on behalf of the student body.

Boutaïna Chafi

Dear voters,

My name is Boutaïna Chafi, I am third-year student completing an Honours degree in Behavioural Neurosciences as well as two minors in Linguistics and Multidisciplinary Studies in Science at the Science College. I am running to represent the faculty of Arts and Science in the Council of Representatives. I have previously been an executive member of the African Students Association of Concordia (ASAC) for the academic year of 2018-2019. During that year, I dealt on multiple occasions with various committees of the CSU, which piqued my curiosity for the complex logistics taking place at various degrees within this Union.

I believe that the multitude of experiences within executive committees that I have had have prepared me well for the challenges that I might face in the Council. Indeed, as an executive member of any association/committee/union/etc one must develop diplomatic skills as well as be ready to listen to the people they are representing to ensure the members are feeling heard and are adequately represented. As a member of the Council of Representatives, it is within my tasks and powers to formulate policies for the Student Union; policies that will benefit the students of that Union first and foremost. I am confident that my previous experience within ASAC prepared me well for this role because my colleagues and I were able to represent confidently and adequately students of African descent. As you may know, the African continent is the second biggest on Earth and it also hosts endless cultures, ethnicities, and religions. Therefore, representing a student body as rich and diverse as this one was a challenge. I have found that a strong and effective representative is someone readily available to bridge the gap between the executive power and the ones on which the power is exerted. Additionally, it must be someone who actively listens and is not afraid to seek help or advice from its peers to correctly complete their duty. I am confident that these aptitudes are what makes an excellent representative and I believe my past experiences have helped me develop those.

Lastly, I want the Arts and Science faculty, as well as the entire university, to benefit from the incredibly diverse student body that composes Concordia. In it hides many perspectives and ideas that must be heard and that will facilitate problem solving. By getting involved in the CSU, I am contributing to its diversification and bringing new perspectives to the table.

Calvin Clarke

Calvin Clarke is an undergraduate of the Arts and Science Faculty, studying Philosophy. He has been an active member in the Concordia Community over the past four years. He is currently sitting as a board member of the Concordia Food Coalition for a second year, and is a past board member of the Sustainability Action Fund. Calvin is currently working as the General Coordinator for the Hive Cafe Solidarity Cooperative. He has volunteered as a Waste Not Want Not ambassador, as a Peoples’ Potato volunteer, currently a Food Advisory Working Group member, and was a co-founder of Beigne Oui Cooperative. His experience in cooperatives and board governance has prepared him to be an active member of the Concordia University student community on a higher level. Calvin’s goal as a CSU councillor will be to uphold the mandate of the CSU and ensure we are providing the students with opportunities to learn, experience, and access services and organizations with the welfare of students in mind. He will promote and support enviro-inclusive activities and the social economy to help steer Concordia towards the visionary image it is known for.  

Anaïs Gagnon

Here’s my bio for both the website and the ballot:

Hello! My name is Anaïs Gagnon and I am a mechanical engineering student. I am currently a GCS representative on the CSU Council and I want to do this again! I am eager to collaborate with the incoming executive team and continue helping improve sustainability on campus through encouraging projects and initiatives across faculties and raising awareness of opportunities within the GCS community. I believe there will be many positive changes in the next year! 

Ariane Drouin

Hello, fellow students,

If you have not had the chance to meet me at various school events during the year, my name is Ariane Drouin. I am a third year Aerospace Engineering student. In my last three years of university, I have been involved with many different societies and became a VP under ECA. My goal in this position will be to make sure that GCS are well represent.

Yours Truly, Ariane

Benjamin Harvey

Council- Arts and Sci

Edel Kilkenny-Mondoux

I am so excited to start my Concordia journey in the Human Relations department and would love to be part of making a positive impact in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations. If elected as a council member to the CSU I would humbly serve the interests important to students like me, who want to contribute to a happy and healthy campus culture as much as they get from it. I will throw my support behind the exciting new initiatives my fellow councillors propose, and work to maintain what drew me to Concordia in the first place. I will advocate fiercely for accessible tuition costs, meaningful policies on anti-discrimination, supporting racial and gender equity, as well as fighting for pass-fail and mental health support services

Nicole Nashen

Hi friends, I’m Nicole! I’m studying Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies. I’m running for re-election to represent you, arts and science students, on CSU. During this past semester, I sat on the sustainability committee and worked with council to implement policies to better protect BIPOC and marginalized students. In my next mandate, I want to improve collaboration, cooperation and community building. Vote Nicole Nashen so together, we can make this vision a reality.

Emmanuel Gaisie

My name is Emmanuel Gaisie and I’m a second year Finance student. I’m currently a member of John Molson Women in Leadership’s Male Focus Group, as well as the Financial Executive and Head of Corporate Relations on the Black at Concordia group.

Getting involved at Concordia remains my top priority because I believe in letting your voice be heard and striving for a better tomorrow. As a council member representing JMSB, I will use my platform to advocate for student needs and act as a liaison between them and the board of directors.

Brandon Grimaldi

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon Grimaldi and I am a 2nd-year student double-majoring in Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies and Political Science. I was recently elected in the last by-elections and I’m running again to continue the work that we’ve started. The CSU is working on some great projects and I am excited to see them through. My goal as Arts and Science Representative is not only to make sure our concerns are listened to and acted upon, but also to make our lives as Concordia students a lot better and a lot more stable. I want to go beyond our plans for a sustainable Concordia, continue to build better services, and to create an active student body. Once we return to campus, nothing will benefit each and every one of us more than if every student is engaged and cares about what goes on at Concordia. It might be cliché to say, but it does really start with us, so let’s work together and continue to make sure we go to a school that cares about what we have to say and creates an environment where we can thrive together.

Howard Issley

Hello everyone, I’m Howard Issley, a third year Accounting student, and I am once again running for JMSB student council. After being elected previously, I dedicated myself to fulfilling the promises I made in improving the CSU services. Now with everything online, those goals have become even more important. Transparency and increased resources are needed now more than ever. That’s why I’m going to be fighting for your thoughts to be heard no matter what! For JMSB, for YOU.

Online classes have been a struggle for all of us. Together, we can bring more change and represent JMSB in the best way possible. There has been a major lack of resources in the past year. I will work towards bringing what YOU the student needs. This includes:

1.      More academic support, including recorded tutorials and organized study groups

2.      Greater transparency with how your finances are being used by the CSU

3.      Online events and sessions to create a better campus environment

It hasn’t been easy this last year, which is why I will make it my job to help make our school experience better. By tackling inefficiencies, promoting new resources, and bringing new motions to the table, a better system can be implemented, one we will all benefit from. It’s time for change. For JMSB, for YOU!

Sarah Bubenheimer

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am entering my final year in Philosophy with minors in Law and Society and Western Society and Culture! I have a passion for advocacy, sustainability, and representing LGBTQ+ and disabled students, and hope to bring that to the CSU again. I’ve been a CSU councillor for the past year, and I’ve also been the Academic and Accessibility Coordinator for the Students of Philosophy Association for two years. If re-elected, I hope to work on bringing more accessible mental health services to students. I’d love to see more services for those affected with eating disorders, for example, and reducing stigma around mental disorders. I also hope to continue making sexual violence policies and resources at the CSU transparent and easily accessible to students. With the pandemic, many students have experienced a lower quality of education, and I will continue to advocate for lower tuition, especially for international students. I also hope to increase student engagement and communication at the CSU. The CSU offers numerous services and benefits for students, and I want to help increase student involvement at the CSU to ensure every student is aware of how we can support them. Lastly, I am committed to making the university a safer space for marginalized groups and advocating for policies that will ensure every student feels supported at Concordia. 

Nathaniel Ouazana

My name is Nathaniel Ouazana and I am running to represent ASFA students on the CSU Council. There are many reasons as to why I want to run. The main reason however is that I really wanted to make a difference for the student body. Students need their voices to be heard and I believe I can help. We’re face with constant stress, and I want to be able to be that person that students are able to turn too if they need anything to change in the school. University is supposed to be the best years of our life and with the ongoing pandemic, that has been a bit more difficult. The goal is simple, I want to make sure that every student’s voice is heard and every concern they have is brought to attention. It’s time that the students get what they deserve.

Jeremya Deneault

Hey, I am Jeremya Deneault and I am a seventh semester JMSB student double majoring in Finance and Management with nearly a year and a half of experience on the CSU. As for my policies, I would like to prioritize increasing and improving resources for those who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, ceasing the usage of Proctorio by the university for exams, pushing for an improvement of school-related apps, reducing tuition while classes are still online, obliging professors to record all of their lectures, and bettering the communication and transparency between the CSU and the students. For when the university resumes in-person classes, I would also push for elevator accessibility to the second floor for all students, sleeping pods all across the campus, clean and proper bathrooms, and the reparation of the faulty door at JMSB. The students need for the CSU to ease the transition for them when the university resumes in-person classes. I know that I can help with this. I am here to prioritize the needs and wants of the ones who matter the most– you, the students!

Tzvi Hersh Filler

Hi, I’m not gonna make big promises that I know from the get-go are beyond the scope of the powers of the CSU. The CSU Council cannot give every student a unicorn, nor can they directly change annoying Concordia or Government Policies. What the CSU Council can do for you, if they want to, is reduce financial barriers to you getting your education by reducing compulsory CSU fees. No one asked you if you wanted to be charged those, and there is no way to opt out. I am but one man, but I pledge to at least try to reduce the CSU operating fee.

Lauren Perozek

Let’s get straight to business. No cheesy election slogans here. I am a 3rd year International student at JMSB studying Marketing and have a minor in French. This will be my second year on council. Here is the list of the following things I stand for:

o International student Issues

o Sexual violence issues

o Diversity Representation

o Bringing new forms of revenue to the CSU besides student money

o Funding for JMSB initiatives

o 9th Flood for JMSB events

Check out my blog for more information!

Paula Colmenares

Hi! My name is Paula Colmenares and this is my first semester at Concordia University. I am 25 years old and a Pilates instructor. I love nature, yoga and meditation. I was very excited when my friend, Anais Gagnon, encouraged me to submit my candidacy to represent independent students in the council. I love the work that you do to make student’s life easier and better, it is quite a noble cause. Hence, why it interested me and went along with my dear friend’s idea. I am currently an independent student but plan on applying for a major in Sociology and Anthropology this fall. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ikrame Housni

My name is Ikrame Housni, I am 21 years old and this is my 3rd year studying at Concordia University. I am currently studying Behavioural Neurosciences, and running to represent the Arts & Science faculty. I enjoy poetry and outdoor sports, but nothing beats a good book under a blanket on a rainy Sunday!

I am originally from Morocco; definitely worth visiting if you have the chance to! Nonetheless, I grew up here, in Canada. This would be a good starting point to the main reason for which I envisaged running for council CSU. My emphasized and constant exposition to these two very diametrically opposed cultures, led to a forced intricate bonding between them. Both slowly merged into a third identity. This constructed in-between, that I identify with the most, helps me relate to both, and yet fully belong to none. This dilemma makes some supress a side of themselves for a better fit within the mass, while others prefer embracing their formed identity to the price mentioned above. I personally believe that a greater alternative would be to immerse us all, as a mass, into the rich diversity of all these differences. Empowering us all with an ease to learn, respect, and embrace what the other has to share. Encouraging the individual, represented by each and every single one of us, to proudly and unapologetically, freely express who they are.

This brings me to my aim behind running for CSU council. An important factor behind this decision, would be the deep appreciation I hold for the work and effort made by the CSU, especially in their constant strive towards maximizing inclusiveness. I would like to become an active helping force in their endeavours. My goal would be to represent you, make sure your voice is heard, and help you interact and connect with more people.

I would like to help remedy to this shy and dangerous threat represented by subliminal segregation. These small divisions, that too often go unnoticed, impact us in ways that we sometimes fail to consciously grasp. Nonetheless, although we tend not to realize the building influence it yields, these pre-made subgroups can encourage the avoidance of diversity. This lowers our odds at a better understanding of our differences, often permitting them to snowball into the normalization of stereotypical thinking.

For all of the reasons above, I believe we need more initiatives that tackle this division and offer more opportunities for the cultural, ethnical and religious exchange amongst students. This would permit a deeper understanding of the other’s opinion and an increased awareness of what their perspectives are. I would love to bring my help in increasing both the quality and quantity of events permitting and encouraging these interactive discussions. I am optimistic that the experience I gained as an executive in different associations will help me reinvest the skills I learned into the achievement of this objective.

Olivia Lafreniere

 I am a third-year supply chain and operations management student at the John Molson School of Business with a minor in sustainability studies. I am currently the Director of Logistics for the John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee (JSEC) and will be fulfilling the role of Executive Vice President next year. This year I have had the opportunity to work with small businesses and larger corporations to plan workshops and panels to educate JMSB students on sustainability and business, to help students network and find jobs in sustainability fields and several trivia nights to increase student interaction and knowledge on sustainability trivia. I want to join the CSU council of representatives this year to push for more sustainability initiatives at Concordia and encourage more interaction from the JMSB with Concordia-wide initiatives. I think that having councils with all the faculties is important to improve communication and increase the knowledge pool to initiate better projects at actions at Concordia. I am looking forward to grasping a better understanding of what initiatives are currently in the process and what ideas the other faculties have as well as my contribution to this change.

Kayla Charky

Hello Engineering Students, 
I am Kayla Charky, I am entering my final year of my software engineering degree here at Concordia University. I am an active student leader having participated in many engineering societies and competitions. I am also the current Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA) VP Competitions. I hope to serve you all in the CSU as a Councillor to better the engineering community for everyone!
I look forward to making Concordia Engineering a better place! 

Noah Mohamed

Council JMSB

Shania Bramble

My name is Shania Bramble. I am a Communications Studies Major and I am running to represent the Arts and Science students. My aim is to continue inclusivity as well as give students for accessibility job opportunities and career guidance at Concordia. Another thing that is important to me is making sure that BIPOC and LBGTQ+ voices are heard, which I plan to do through inclusivity workshops and anti-discrimination trainings. As a person of colour I notice how diverse Concordia’s student body is but when it comes to the staff, such as professors, I notice that there is a lack of diversity. Hopefully as a council member I will have the ability to open up a discussion on the topic of diversity in staff.

There has been a lot of frustration coming from students, including myself in regards to online courses. Covid-19 has been an overwhelming experience for myself and obviously for others to say the least. Many students have suffered during the pandemic due to a high workload. I would like to find a way to accommodate students who feel as though their grades have suffered due to the issues surrounding communication and understanding that have arisen from online courses. Teachers and TA’s haven’t had an easy go at it either with online classes but I believe we can find a way to make sure that their confusion doesn’t land on the laps of the students. In my opinion getting grades back in a timely manner should be a priority because it is the main form of feedback students such as myself need to continue a semester successfully. It’s not fair that students have to continue to pay the same amount of tuition but feel as though they aren’t getting their money’s worth with online classes. Unfortunately not all of us have the time to defer a year of our studies. I sympathize with the first year students who are only now learning to edit film and sound through online courses now and feel as though they aren’t doing their best due to the lack of resources.

After students slowly return to campus I believe that everyone will want to reconnect with people in their programs. I would like to be a part of planning and organizing events that can help us all feel connected and inspired again. Mental health has been at an all time low for the past year, moving forward I hope to present a clear way for students who need immediate help to get it. As a student I believe 2020 to 2021 wasn’t what we had in mind but I aim to keep motivating and providing positivity where I can. I understand that being a part of Council comes with responsibilities. I have always been one for organization, ambition and the ability to work

with others and I believe they will be my greatest assets as a council member. I have never handled money with Concordia’s Student Union before but I do have experience with handling money for work and for events.

In short, my ultimate goal is to bring positive change to Concordia’s Council

Pierre Bonneau

Hi I’m Nick Bonneau. I’m a third year BTM student with a minor in sustainably studies.

2020 was my first year getting involved at school. I’m glad I didn’t waste any more time before getting involved at Concordia. What keeps me motivated to learn is seeing hard work and dedication to projects and tasks pay off in the long run and witness how I am able to impact my peers.

The best decision I’ve ever made was to join the John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee (JSEC). It opened my eyes to worlds of possibilities and opportunities that I would never have known about otherwise. I was fortunate enough to have been given a special project to work on that allowed me to provide my peers the chance to get a mentor from the sustainable business industry. It also led me to move up to the role as President of JSEC next year. This is something I would not have been able to achieve if I wasn’t given the opportunity to work on projects that I loved.

It’s this process of turning opportunity into value that I realized is what university is all about. By applying what you learn about in university to topics and projects that you are interested in to improve the experience of fellow colleagues is a win-win situation. This is what I hope to be able to do as a member of the Concordia Student Council – apply my knowledge in ways that I am passionate about to make students have the best experience possible while at Concordia

Samuel Thibodeau

Council Fine Arts

Lily Charette

Hey I’m Lily (she/they), I am a second year student in the department of geography studying human environment and sustainability. I am extremely passionate about environmental activism and ecological justice as well as other social justice issues. I grew up on Vancouver Island, BC, where I began to get involved in initiatives such as local efforts to buy back community forest space, and have worked for various not for profits including the Cumberland lake wilderness society developing free programs for youth to connect with the outdoors. Since moving to Montreal I have been very passionate about my involvement in Concordia including organising in Concordia students for climate justice and my current involvement as the president of the Geography Undergraduate Student Society (GUSS) and I would love to further my involvement through the CSU!