General Election 2020 Candidates

Candidates with valid number of signatures will see their names and bios on this page. Page will be updated regularly. 



JMSB: 10 candidates

Arts & Science: 14 candidates

Fine Arts: 2 candidates

Gina Cody: 10 candidates

Independent: 3 candidates

Meghan White

Chelsea Okankwu

My name is Chelsea Okankwu, and I am running for one of the JMSB councilor positions available for the 2020-2021 academic year. This year, while completing my third-year majoring in accounting, I was also the president of ASAC. Being at the head of a club under CSU allowed me to grasp the huge disconnect between CSU and CASAJMSB. As a JMSB representative on council, I will encourage the CSU to support and promote more projects from CASAJMSB and its subsidiaries.

Howard Issley

My name is Howard Issley and I am running to be a JMSB representative on the CSU. After being elected last semester, I dedicated myself to fulfilling the promises I made. With the support of the CSU, we have successfully made committees to address these goals, such as implementing online opt out. Coordinating with fee levy groups and students alike, I am happy to say we are closer than ever! However, there is still much to accomplish. 
Together, we can bring more change and represent JMSB in the best way possible. I want to eliminate CSU inefficiencies and drama. This can be done through bylaw reforms, amendments to the position’s books, and a clearer understanding of how the CSU impacts each and every one of us. I will continue to bring my business knowledge to the CSU and cut down on the drama; we value your contribution; you deserve to value ours! It is time for change and change starts here! For JMSB, for YOU.

Shlomo Tanny

Hi, my name is shlomo tanny and I want to bring change through: -->A video lecture system where students and teachers will benefit. -->Inclusive Networking, which means whether you’re Halal, Kosher, or Vegetarian; you will still be able to enjoy the food at the networking events. These initiatives will enable all students to succeed academically and professionally. With your help we can bring video lectures and inclusive networking from an idea to reality. #FORYOU #FORJMSB

Tzvi Hersh Filler
Gina Cody

I’m a mechanical Engineering student doing a minor in CompSi. I want to see the CSU focus on improving the day-to-day lives of students, and continue to keep bathrooms a priority. I also want to ensure that Online Opt Out happens by Fall 2020, and doesn’t get stalled. I believe that the CSU’s fee (which all students are forced to pay) should be reduced, with slightly better decisions, this is possible.

Zachary Williams

Hi! My name is Zach Williams. I am a first year independent student here at Concordia. I have been active in politics for the last few years, advocating for issues like affordable housing, better public transit, and the environment. As your independent student councillor, I will ensure council decisions are made with our interests in mind. Further, I will fight to expand student benefits like reduced transit fares to include independent students.

Matthew Benzrihem
Arts & Science

 Hi, my name is Matthew, and I want to make the CSU and the budget more transparent. Every year, the CSU collects almost 3 million dollars from us, the students, and almost no one actually knows how it is spent. My goal is to make the budget clearer and guarantee that you not only know how your money is being spent, but have a say in it.

Lauren Perozek
John Molson School of Business

As an experienced councilor representing JMSB, I know what it takes to initiate change. I’m currently working on developing sponsorship policies to help reduce dependency on student money. I’m also reforming the consent training curriculum taught to CSU employees. Not only do I want to see these projects through, but I want to start more. With your interest at heart, I will be your voice on council. I work for you.

Shaun Sederoff
Arts & Science

For the past few years I have served as an active student at Concordia in various capacities to serve the student population. As a member association executive I have helped create and promote enjoyable events to provide a fun social life for students and manage financial affairs. I have served in various associations outside of school in a series of initiatives to further improve downtown student life, ethnic diversity, and environmental services. My goal as a CSU councillor is to provide enjoyable events to provide a fun social environment to improve student life at campus. Furthermore, by using my past experience I want to help out in the financial sector of the CSU to help manage the funds and direct them into the necessary avenues to improve student life. I am here to prioritize the needs and wants of those who matter most, All of you!.

Arieh Barak Trahtenberg

My name is Arieh and I want to represent you. Independent Students and those who are enrolled in a Certificate are often underrepresented. Many of us are going to become regular students at a certain point, then, our voice needs to be taken in consideration. My platform can be summed up as less politics and more specific actions like reducing fees and having decent bathrooms. I count with your support, thanks!

Anais Gagnon
Gina Cody

I’ve had an active student life at Concordia. I have been an executive at Space Concordia and Women In Engineering, an active member in EngGames, and a volunteer for outreach initiatives to the next generation of engineers. I want to support student initiatives by continuously looking for opportunities to acquire more space and funds. Furthermore, I want to find solutions with the CSU to improve student services, mental health, and the general student experience.

Danielle Vandolder-Beaudin

Hi! My name is Danielle and I am running to represent JMSB. My main goals for my mandate as councilor will be to: 1. Fight for the union to represent all faculties 2. Advocate for an efficient student-first budget 3. Fight for a student run international health plan 4. Digitizing the CSU for more transparency and sustainability By working together, we can create a stronger, better union for JMSB.

Harvin Hilaire

Transparency is the most important aspect of an organization as large as the CSU. My goal as CSU JMSB Council is to provide the students at JMSB representation, access, and diversity their network. I will be working tirelessly to make sure that the student body I represent is heard. What they want is what matters! As president of the Haitian Student Association, I have amassed 2 years of experience working with different CSU teams. It has taught the ins and outs of the organization, I’ve learned how to communicate with the different execs, councilors and employees and I love it. With this experience, I can listen to what students at JMSB want and communicate this directly to the student union!
VOTE Harvin Hilaire

Marwan Steele

Mathew Levistsky-Kaminski

My name is Mathew Kaminski and I am a third year Accounting student in JMSB. Throughout my involvement in municipal, provincial and federal politics, I have exemplified transparency, integrity and accountability. Students wonder why reckless spending, poor sanitary conditions and lack of student trust in CSU haven’t improved and I plan on using my work ethic, political passion and leadership experience to empower Concordia students. A vote for me is a vote for change.

Shivaane S
Arts & science

Hello! My name is S Shivaane, and I’m a second-year Anthropology and Theatre student. I am the current minute-keeper of the CSU, and thus hold a clear understanding of how the CSU operates and what the internal communication issues are. I am running for Council to help guarantee the union’s accountability to its students, and to ensure that the CSU uncompromisingly supports Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) students and issues. 

Jeremya Deneault

 Hey, I am Jeremya Deneault and I am a fourth semester JMSB student concentrating in Management with nearly four months of experience on the CSU. As for my policies, I would like to prioritize implementing faculty equality in the CSU, integrating a U-Pass program beneficial for all students residing in and out of Montreal, making tampons in the ladies’ room free of charge, revamping the current election process, funding Concordia Students’ Nightline, and making the CSU more transparent. I would also support elevator accessibility to the second floor for all students, sleeping pods all across the campus, an improvement on school-related apps, the introduction of competitive volleyball, and a modification to the CSU Positions Book so that all positions expire four years after ratification by referendum. I am here to prioritize the needs and wants of the ones who matter the most– you, the students!

Christopher Djesus Vaccarella
Arts & science

Hello! My name is Christopher Djesus Vaccarella. I am a third-year student studying Political Science. I am running for council with three goals in mind. These goals are 1) Financial & Budgetary transparency, 2) Cracking down on the rise of Anti-Semitism at Concordia and 3) Engaging in more environmentally sustainable projects. Ever since I arrived at Concordia, I have heard the same complaints, no one knows what the CSU does or spends our money. I want to make sure that the budget and finances are available and scrutinized by the student body. With regards to other issues, the recent uptick of Anti-Semitism at universities around the globe have been shocking and appalling. Concordia describes themselves as a school for all yet have done zero on tackling Anti-Semitism. I will tackle this issue head on and will not stop until a solution is present. Finally, as a believer in climate change and someone involved with climate change groups, I will push for more sustainable friendly projects with the help of students and professors to make Concordia a global leader on the climate change front and ingenuity. With me, Jesus will take the wheel.

Harrison Kirshner

Hello everyone my name is Harrison Kirshner and I am running for a JMSB CSU Council position. I strongly believe that we deserve to have people that will fight for OUR interests. Together WE will fight for issues like environmental sustainability, reducing the student fee levy and keeping our washrooms clean. Together we can make a difference. A vote for me is a vote for you. Let’s bring change to the CSU!

Sarah bubenheimer
arts & science

Hello, my name is Sarah Bubenheimer. I’m a third year student studying Philosophy, Law & Society, and Western Society & Culture. I’m running for Council to help create a safer campus and a more transparent student union. I want to advocate for better mental health services, improved sexual violence policies, increased efforts for sustainability, a more accessible campus, and representation of students with disabilities. I want to ensure every student is heard on Council.

James Hanna
gina cody

Hello everyone, Its me, James Hanna, your current CSU Gina Cody Rep.

For the final time, I am asking for your support.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve accomplished great things: Online voting, Online Opt Out, Facutly Equality, making sure the CSU supports Engineering Societies: I was there working to make them happen.

But they aren’t done yet, and others want to roll back our accomplishments.

Let’s finish what we started: Vote James Hanna!

Désirée Blizzard
gina cody

Hi, my name is Désirée Blizzard and I hope you’ll vote for me as a Gina Cody Councillor!

As the current CSU Finance Coordinator, I have a very good understanding of the CSU’s governance and budgeting practices. I will make sure the budget stays transparent and accessible to everyone
As an Electrical Engineering student, I will work to represent the GCS’s priorities and values on Council.
Vote for me and I’ll keep working to make the CSU a positive and accesible environment for all students.

Diana Lukic
Fine arts

Paige Beaulieu
arts & science

Jarrad haas
fine arts

Jarrad Haas is a third-year acting student running for reelection on the Concordia Student Union Council.  For the past three mandates, Jarrad has been one of the main voices for the Fine Arts students being the only candidate who has served on the council for every semester since Winter 2018. 

roman golubkov
arts & science

Hello, my name is Roman Golubkov, and I’m a molecular biology student. The reason why I’m running for council is to help restructure the CSU. The money distribution of CSU is terrible. A big chunk of the budget is dedicated to paying unneeded full time salaries, such as the campaigns department. This is money that could be redirected towards giving students snacks during exam periods, hosting great parties and events, organize activities for the students, etc. Through my experience in dealing with the CSU as an executive at Concordia’s chess club (CCC), I can say that the people working for the CSU aren’t efficient in getting things done, and I want to change that. Many of the contracts with private companies were poorly negotiated, and now we are stuck with those contracts which are eating at the budget. I believe that a great team behind CSU could enhance your stay at Concordia, and it all starts with your vote. Thank you.

christopher kalafatidis
arts & science

Hi my name is Chris, the guy from Cut the Crap. I’m a 5th year Political Science and Psychology student. I am running for Council to: 1. INCREASE money for Clubs, the most important thing the CSU does; 2. DECREASE whatever is necessary to bring fees down and put MORE money in your pocket; 3. Support the Executive to BUILD the student building, with club offices and space to make friends; 4. FIGHT for a student-run international health insurance that is $200 cheaper. My bio is short but I promise you it’s because I’m not about talk, I’m about action.

Chaim Filler
Gina cody

I am running because I want to see the CSU focus on helping students and looking into lowering fees.

Yasmine Yahiaoui
arts & science

I am a 20-year-old girl ready to change the world.That’s exactly why I study in Community, Public Affairs, and Policy studies. I decided to join the CSU council because I feel like there are some issues on campus that need to be addressed. For instance, international students need a voice in the CSU. Oh yes, I will be EVERYONE’s voice. I will represent all students in my faculty. One of my objectives is to introduce bimonthly meetings with your councillors so that you can easily complain about what bothers you. Check out my Facebook page for more!

Ahmadou Sakho
Arts & science

Hey Everybody, my name is Ahmadou Sakho I’m a second year Political Science student from Senegal, West Africa. This year I served as a CSU councillor tirelessly working at the Clubs and Spaces committee. It opened my eyes on how much the system needed improvement and reinforced my mission to fix it. Next year my core work will be on: making policies to fill the many gaps in the system, improving the financial governance of the CSU, making the Council a much more efficient body, integrating the Loyola campus, mental health initiatives, more funding for smaller projects, and more support  for International and Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) students. I believe that the CSU shouldn’t be about drama but about solving student problems. It’s always got to be about you. Make Change Real.

Salman Fahim Syed
gina cody

I am Mechanical Engineering student. I believe in Accountability, Reliability, Connectivity, Transparency and Development. Completing my mandate as your representative was such a learning experience and now I would like to continue, getting this opportunity again I will work to ensure, that ENCS student are valued and also student’s money is being used respectably, Since students are never notified about their benefits and opportunities. I want to be the bridge between Students & Union, to listen our students and to reach out the student with the amazing projects union has to offer. Thank You for your trust previous year this year too Vote for GINA CODY-ENCS & SALMAN FAHIM SYED. BE THE PART OF THE IMPROVEMENT

Kristen Karlsen
arts & science

My name is Kristen Karlsen, I am a student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Sustainability Studies. Outside of academics, I volunteer by planning and facilitating events in the LCSA and Cinema Politica. I am running for the position of Councillor to ensure greater transparency and accountability between the CSU and the student body. My utmost concern is ensuring that students are a priority and not an afterthought. 

Marlena Valenta
arts & science

Hello! I am in my second year of Community, Public Affairs, and Policy Studies, as well as a minor of Human Environment. I’m focused on promoting the activist culture at Concordia, as it is our biggest strength as a school, and I’m passionate about pushing the school in a more sustainable direction. The CSU is often faced with contentious issues, and I strive to understand both sides, serving as a voice of reason and empathy.

Violet maxfield
arts & science

Hieu Doan
gina cody

If you want to reach for the sky, you gotta vote for this guy!

Being the current President of the Vietnamese Concordia Association, I believe women and minority are at the core of future innovation. I am a strong advocate for raising awareness and encouraging more women to consider entering Engineering. My focus is also on improving the fairness of all minorities and international students.

Remember no matter who you are, your voice must always be heard!

Natalia Whiteley
gina cody

Liam Anderson
gina cody

Hamzah Sheikh
gina cody

margot berner
arts & science

Thanks for voting!
I’ve have loved the community I have found in anti-sexual violence campaigns, climate justice
movements, and other solidarity-initiatives on and off campus. This year, I want CSU to help
build those communities. I want to help the union fight for Climate justice, to improve
accountbility procedures, and to work with students fighting racism and sexual violence on
Our union should be advocating for us, supporting us, and accountable to us!



Isaiah Joyner
General Coordinator

We got you

My name is Isaiah Joyner. I’m a 4th year finance student running for General Coordinator. I want to use my experience as an executive this year to lead my team to a future where students can get a wide variety of support. I’m someone who has a passion for learning and evolving as a person. No matter what I do, I keep the same genuine energy. With our slate No matter what…. We Got You. 

Malcolm Asselin
Loyola Coordinator

We got you

I’m Malcolm Asselin, a third year student in Communication Studies. As Loyola Coordinator I will use my skills in media production to promote engagement and agency on campus. I will better advocate for health services and bridge the gap between Loyola and SGW. I am the most qualified to support, serve and represent students from all faculties; no matter what or where, we got you.

Sarah Mazhero
Academic & Advocacy Coordinator

We got you

Hi, my name is Sarah Mazhero. I’m currently a 4th-year political science major and minoring in Law & Society and First People Studies. I’m running for the position of Academic & Advocacy Coordinator. As the Academic & Advocacy Coordinator, I want to increase awareness of the CSU services among the undergraduate student population, advocate for student health, and advocate for the rights of students through informational workshops and seminars. Most importantly, WE GOT YOU!

Manuela Simo
Sustainability coordinator

We got you

My name is Manuela Simo and I am an Executive Member of the Concordia Cheerleading Club
and of the African-Carribean Synergic Inter-Organizational Network (ACSioN/Concordia).
Sustainability means preserving a certain process or state at a certain level, while taking in
consideration the impact that your actions could have on future generations and the three
pillars: Environment, Economics and People.
Studying in Behavioral Neuroscience, this concept talks to me.
And remember, no matter what, we got you

Daniel Amico
Internal affairs coordinator

We got you

Hey! My name is Daniel Amico and I am a second-year student studying Political Science. I am running to be the Internal Coordinator because I know what student groups need. I have been involved in four student groups. I will ensure student groups get more bulletin boards, CSU-operated televisions, and an interactive website for clubs. My slate and I will be the ones to support you as a student; no matter what, we got you

Victoria Pesce
External affairs and mobilization coordinator

We got you

After being involved, I see the value it brings to campus life. My motto has always been, “Do better, Be better” which is why I am running for External and Mobilization Coordinator. I believe in actions because doing something speaks volume on your character. Over the next year, I will unite all faculties and fight as one to ensure a healthy, strong and safe Concordia environment.

No matter what, We Got You!

Holly Mark-Hilton
finance coordinator

We got you

Hi! My name is Holly and I believe I am best suited for Finance Coordinator due to my experience as Director of Finance for the John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee (JSEC) and my academic background, Accounting. My main goals would be to implement an executive financial budget tracker to control overspending, replace paper cheque requisition forms with online applications, reaching out to external sponsors, improving relations with BIPOC and implementing a participatory budget amount to provide an opportunity for students to express how their money is spent. So, let’s talk, because no matter what, We Got You.

eduardo malorni
student life coordinator

We got you

Hey there! I am Eduardo and your current Student Life Coordinator! Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to experience both the lows and highs that this position has to offer and it has left me with memories for a lifetime.I truly enjoyed serving the students in my year as Student Life and for that reason, I would be honored to do it again next year!

While in my first year, the two biggest issues that I saw students face on campus was a lack of funding for their events and space. For that reason, I would love to complete the project we started this year of acquiring and renovating a student building that can be used for students for events, meetings, relaxation and tutoring! The other problem of funding is being tackled by creating the competition and conference fund. A fund specifically dedicated to encouraging many of the large projects which are hosted by many groups on campus! 

Lastly, bringing people from different faculties together, not only during Welcome Week but throughout the whole year, and to have them enjoy their time at University is the ultimate goal of any and all Student Life Coordinators. And remember, that no matter what We Got You!



Alexander Stojda
Gina Cody

Hannah Jamet-Lange
Arts & Science

Hello! My name is Hannah Jamet-Lange, a second-year student in Communications, Sexuality Studies, and History. Currently a CSU councillor and part of various committees, I am running for Arts & Science Representative on the University Senate. I want to advocate for students and make sure our interests, especially related to anti-sexual violenceclimate justicemental health, and international students’ issues are well represented. I am passionate about policies, accountability, and fighting against systemic injustice.


General Election 2020 referendum questions


Universal Transit Pass

The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) is a transit pass that gives unlimited access to public transportation (STM, Exo, STL, etc) on a semesterly basis rather than on a monthly basis. The U-Pass program has the objective to: lower public transportation costs for students, reduce the use of single rider vehicles, and improve public transportation around our campuses. The CSU would like to explore the possibility of implementing this program at Concordia University.

Do you, as a student, agree with the Concordia Student Union negotiating with the various stakeholders (such as the STM or Exo) with the understanding that a U-Pass program proposal will come back to referendum for a vote in the future?


The Student Council is elected annually by the students to supervise the operations of the CSU. The Council has many responsibilities, including the distribution of funding to student clubs and associations.

The Student Council has an unequal number of seats for each FACULTY. Currently, the seats are proportional to the number of students in each faculty.

The CSU is proposing that each FACULTY get an equal number of seats (3) on the Student Council. Arts and Science will now be considered two separate faculties.

Question: Do you agree to replace and repeal the following sections of the By-Laws and the Letters Patent of the CSU in order to change the composition of the Student Council to be three Arts seats, three Science seats, three Gina Cody seats, three JMSB seats, three Fine Arts seats, and one Independent Student

By-Laws currently in force (to be repealed)

6.2.1 The Council of Representatives shall be composed of a minimum of two Representatives from each of the Faculties of Concordia University representing the members enrolled in those Faculties.

6.2.2 The maximum number of Representatives shall be thirty (30), as stated in the Student Union’s letters patents. The composition not specified in 6.2.1 above shall be determined by the Council of Representatives before calling the Annual General Election of the Representatives. The composition decided upon shall appropriately reflect the composition of the membership in the different faculties of the University. For the purposes of this Article, the collectivity of Independent Students is deemed a faculty

Proposed amendment to By-Laws (to be in effect March 2021 elections)

6.2.1 The Council of Representatives shall be composed of sixteen (16) Representatives. The composition shall be:

1. Six (6) representatives from the Faculty of Arts & Science, namely:

a) Three (3) students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Education degree shall represent Arts; and

b) Three (3) students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree shall represent Science.

2. Three (3) representatives from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

3. Three (3) representatives from the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science. 4. Three (3) representatives from the John Molson School of Business.

5. One (1) Independent Student representatives

Letters Patent currently in force (to be repealed)

By Law Number 2:

1. The number of directors on the board of directors of the Corporation be and it is hereby increased from three (3) to thirty (30).

Proposed amendments to Letters Patent

By Law Number 2:

1. The number of directors on the board of directors of the Corporation shall be sixteen (16).

Concordia Students’ Nightline


Do you agree to grant Concordia Students’ Nightline $0.05 per credit, annually adjusted to the Consumer Price Index of Canada, to  be implemented with registration for the Summer 2020 (2020/2) term,  to undergraduate students in all faculties,  in accordance with the University’s tuition, refund and withdrawal policy?

Positions Book 


The Positions Book is a document that establishes the political goals and stances of the Concordia Student Union. All positions that are described in this document must be upheld by the people who work for the CSU, regardless of their relevance, context, or if the employees agree with the positions. 

There is no requirement that these positions be sent to referendum to be voted on by students, so many positions are placed into the book without any student body input. These positions then remain in the book indefinitely, as there is no expiry date. 

Question: Do you support the Council of Representatives modifying the Positions Book so that all positions are ratified by referendum and, once ratified, expire after four (4) years? All positions that are in violation of this new process will no longer be included.

The following are the positions that would be in violation of this new process and no longer included: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.6, 1.7, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.3, 5.1.4, 5.1.5, 5.1.6, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.4, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 7.1.3, 7.1.4, 7.1.5, 7.1.6, 7.1.7, 7.1.8, 8.1, 8.2, 9.1, 9.2, 10.1.1, 10.1.2, 10.1.3, 10.1.4, 10.1.5, 10.1.6, 10.1.7, 10.1.8, 10.1.9, 10.1.10, 10.1.11, 11.1.1, 11.1.2, 12.1, 13.1, 14.1, 15.1

Any position can be added again to the Positions Book via referendum.

International students have to be insured in Quebec. Concordia University currently manages a plan that covers all international students for a price of $1176 per year. The Concordia Student Union and its partner, StudentCare, have developed an alternative international health insurance proposal that will cost students $975 per year for the next 2 years with the same coverage instead of the original $1176. This would be implemented with registration for the Fall 2020 (2020/2) semester.

Do you agree to grant the Concordia Student Union the responsibility to manage the International Student Plan going forward and implement this new Plan through an introduction of a mandatory ancillary fee of $975 per year per international student?