November 8th Debate

CSU Lounge on the 7th Floor of the H-Building

6:00pm – 9:00 pm


Each candidate will be allowed a 2 min opening and closing statement 

  • It can include your motivations, why you’re running, what you think requires change etc.
  • Candidates and members of the audience must not interrupt the speaker during an opening/closing statement
  • Opening statements will follow a prescribed order. 
  •  Questions by electors may be submitted in advance through through This Link
  • These questions will be asked during the debate.
  • Candidates will have access to pre-submitted questions so they can prepare their answer. (Bottom Section)

Debate Order

Possible list of questions asked during the debate

  • Do you support online opt out?
  • Do you support fall reading week?
  • Do you support the [Sports Shooting Association] ?
  • Do you support increasing the recreation and athletics fee levy
  • How do you think your past experiences will help you fulfill your mandate?
  • The role requires decisiveness. Share some examples of your ability & willingness to be decisive.
  • What are your core values & how do they shape how you lead?
  • What are the most important principles you think are needed to achieve the role of Councilor ?
  •   What are the keys to translating your vision for the CSU’s future into action?
  • Please describe some of your personal tools for dealing with adversity?
  • Is there any concern, opinion you would like to talk with your opponents? 
  •  In what ways have the CSU failed to fulfill its mission, and how are you going to change that?
  • What campaign(s) do you envision undertaking if you are elected?
  • Why do you think Council meetings last so long and what would you do to make them shorter?
  • How would you increase voter turnout?
  • Why are you running for the Concordia Student Union Council?
  • What policies would you introduce to the CSU?
  • A few candidates were unable to attend [the debate] because of religious beliefs. What initiatives would to make it easier for those students with religious beliefs?